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Hey Guys! My original Pop song "About To Kiss Another Girl" won an award
as a top 5 Pop song winner

Great American Song Contest Winner Gabe Klavun

I'm pretty psyched. I'll have more original songs online soon.
Click listen to About To Kiss Another Girl: About To Kiss Another Girl

* * *

View Gabe Klavun performing a complete a capella vocal multitrack version of Marry You by Bruno Mars

View Gabe Klavun performing a complete a capella vocal multitrack version of Hold It Against Me by Britney Spears


More coming very soon! Including original songs I wrote myself BOTH A Capella and fully produced with instrumentation


I'm Gabe.

Welcome to my site!

Gabe Klavun Music

I'll be posting my music here as I find the time to do so. I hope you enjoy it. If you like something, please let me know.

If you want to know who I am, here's a bit.... I grew up in upstate New York (pretty far from the city). My parents' house was right next to a farm and we would sometimes have cows and pigs get loose and they would hang out in our backyard. A lot of the area I grew up in looks like this:

About six years ago I moved to New York City and currently live in Brooklyn. I'm not a kid any more, but still have dreams of being successful in the world of music. I don't know if that will be performing, or writing songs for other artists, or being a music producer. I enjoy hearing other people sing the songs I write, and I enjoy working with other musicians. I moved to Brooklyn to be closer to other musicians and passionately wish to find success here in whatever form it ends up being.

This is the street I live on now:

Flatbush Avenue Brooklyn NY

It's not very exciting, but until I reach some level of success it's all I can afford. One day I hope to make enough money with my music to have a nice apartment in a nicer part of the city, or a nice mansion in the country :) but I really don't mind it here for now.

I create most of my music in my apartment simply by using my laptop. I play a bit of piano and guitar too. I've been an electronic music geek since I was 12 years old, when I first discovered MIDI (for those of you who don't know, it's basically just how you connect a keyboard to a computer to create music). Ever since then I've been creating music in one form or another, mostly on my own and teaching myself how to write music and record.

I have links at the top of this web site if you want to connect on any of the Social Networking sites. Don't be shy, I like to meet new people. I also have another web site with more general information about me (if you're stalking me, I'll save you the trouble, here ya go: Why two sites? I go by Gabriel for my more professional work, but for music I go by Gabe (most of my friends call me Gabe too).

The support of people like you is what motivates me to keep trying to make it in the challenging world of music, so I really appreciate you taking the time to visit my site. I like to know who comes here, so drop me a line if you have a moment.

I hope you'll come back soon to see what else I'm up to.

Until then, be well.



p.s. yes, I do web development to pay the bills and I know this site looks pretty cruddy. It's because I work on sites for other people all day, but I'll make this look nicer as I find time.